new skin.

Monday, February 05, 2007

yep, its a new skin... out of boredom i have decided to photoshop one of my pictures. my first intention was to put that me-making-a-peace-sign on the lower right corner of the page but it seems that i can't do it, or maybe i got fed up seeing it already.

for the meantime that will be just like that.

last thursday was albert's graduation! and last friday, i got my notebook computer, as what the DSL promo thing was giving. whoa, i'll just tell those stuff on my next entry! i promise!

and since i am rushing my precious sleeping habit, my concluding mark, will going to be for you, buddy.

a pick-up line i got from marynor last time.

"...daig ko pa ang na-traffic sa EDSA...

...i can't move on."

any bells ringing? good night.


"do you know why so many marriages do not last? the answer... because at the wedding, the bride doesn't marry the best man."

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