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Saturday, February 24, 2007

if you are a thomasian, you would definitely knew what sort of a 'mess' brought by the arki students throughout the whole pontifical catholic chuchu ever campus this week. hahaha. and yes, that was, well, again, my third college week, as if counting all the years that i have been in the institution.

i was one of the committee heads, appointed by his excellency, who in the said program wasn't unexpectedly present (he was sick and needs to rest for a couple of days) and must say did my part, do the best for it, although i don't think i give it my all. i could have done better for the whole block. but due to our stressful days before the ingress, we can't help but to blame each other, resulting to count our own capabilities and contributions which i hate, eventually. i may not speak during those days of hard work, and it must be too late for me to tatter. so then, its all finally over, for now. we have still one arkiweek float design to do and that is next year.

in the end, i was happy, because all the stress were paid off. i find myself enjoying the week, and that is also because of the student council who did all of the programs. thumbs up for them!

in other news:

a while ago, albert, geran, marynor and i went hilarious playing at timezone at the mall of asia. hahaha. i was so fond of marynor who eventually got addicted to slot machines and stuff toy catchers. i thanked geran for letting my play again the DDR with the sensor thing. haha. and the drum mania as well. albert laughed at the motion. jenk!

too bad beng wasn't there. grrr. goodluck.

guys im so excited for vigan!!! sasama ako!!! ahahahahaha!! weeeeeeeeee!!

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