Monday, January 29, 2007

a lot of things happened this past few days and i haven't posted a bit of every single of it. last thursday we had our class retreat in Maryhill in Taytay, Rizal. the retreat was supposed to be in batangas but due to some problems faced by the theology department, for me the one that happened in Bukal ng Tipan in Maryhill is a good replacement.

with my ever reliable digicam, i took some great shots of the view, Laguna de Bay, Manila skyline and the abundant nature, and of course the people. it was a lovely feeling.

i have not yet posted some of the scenes i own but you could take a look at the wacky block i have aboslutely here and then click the link "AR 3-4 Retreat - by biggs"! ^__^

the whole program was good, dealing about unity, and friendship. in one activity about friendship, each of us is given 15 seconds to say something positive to our classmates. i must say i am glad with the feedback. well not because the only thing we have to say is the positive one but what they have told me is nothing but factual. I didn't know in some persons i was a great help. some told me i am the approachable one, and some say i'm one of the hyper loudmouths. hehehe.

the last activity made me go tripping with the sentimental night. at that time i tried to hide the feelings rising, the problems at home and the small conflict with my brother. and i thank those people who prayed with me. you know guys who you are and with that i am extending my appreciation. thank you!

i realized, its quite funny and silly to think that i, despite of being happy and sassy and jolly, still has the side of being the uber serious, sensitive and fragile one. i dont know if that is a happy thing to figure out but with all the people around me and of course, God, who never show me no hope, support and love, i think i could do and feel all the things at will...

feels good being a kid at some time... you agree?

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