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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

its been a while... i thought i may never post a single entry eversince we had a better much faster internet connection. i've been indulging myself viewing video clips at YouTube and then that's it! hehe...

eversince the vacation started, i haven't posted any serious one. maybe because i got a major lay low writer's block. i haven't told everyone the previous holiday greeting. waaaai..

well, hope you guys have a great holiday mode! Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

anyhow, i would like to thank everyone who made this day super possible. to my groupmates in D6 who allowed my selfishness came in. hehe. thanks for granting my favor... thanks and i am very glad you guys are very open to this. i love you all!

i had a great time. all the things happened a while ago isn't planned. hahaha. really! if you wanna know the story, wait til i get unbusy! haha

to my better half:

i have a super great time being with you. no words could define how happy i am, no words could tell how much i am thanking you for putting all this things up with me for the past twelve months. man, i hope we could get much stronger and happier in the next months to come! thanks for the company, for the smiles and tears, for the good values and the bad ones... stubborn selfishness and softer side revelations... for loving and dreaming with me...

let's get going stronger! kampai!

Pan, Happy First Anniversary! I love you...

...and that's very much!

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