Monday, January 15, 2007

days happy are days all not.

that was how? backward texts these all putting by me in tension the ease to up come have i, depression my ease to. now days two for lasted has this... entry sad a posted have i since while a quite been has it though--depressing days my find i days few past these. around way other the is it then but. now like... happen to things good the all wanted always we thought always we sometimes.

terribly so you missing of way this feeling hate really i. apologize i that ears your in whisper to wanted i and... kisses of tons you kiss to wanted i... now you see to wanted i, you tell to wanted i. say to words of out ran i because can't i like seems it but. me old the back bring to wanted i talking are we while ago while a. honesty all with, way this feeling hate i. say wanna i what say could i way this in maybe.

you missing damn am i...


days happy are days all not.

sorry am i...

happy be to always us want i.


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