i am done + excited!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

finally, my eyes were saying bye-byes to that super headstomping-mega-finger-breaking design project. though i haven't finished all of it, hay, pinasa ko na. i haven't sleep for 48 hours, and just the moment when i arrived a while ago from school, my lunch was filled with snores, soft pillows, and-ooooh!! i missed my bed. yun nalang.

so far i have still, a complete attendance of the simbang gabi/s!!! yey yey yey! yosh na malaki! haha!

i woke up about 8pm already, with kenji, waiting on me at the other line. i was so surprised that i actually thought i was still in dreamland, and also, it was my first time hearing kenji over t he phone. why would he possibly call me, alright? and how did he know my landline number? all this questions were like smoke that eventually passed out as we hear each other's gags and stuff. i missed talking to my old pal. tomorrow he'll be coming at the Paskuhan in UST. i am so excited to hear from him more!


and tomorrow, --speaking of tomorrow, finally, pldt will be coming over to fix our phone line so that we could have our DSL na! weeeeeeee!! another bye bye for dial up connections!

that's it for now! my champorado is waiting for me! see ya tomorrow in the paskuhan!

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