prelims + the doll house + albert's 22!

Friday, January 19, 2007

our preliminary exams is finally over! and for the record, i don't think those results went well because all of us had the major adjustment of the tests being departamentalized. so damn bad...

recently, the whole class is busy doing the neo-classic model house designed by Tong's group [jose, miki, anton, ming and michelle], the winner of the class' design competition of the neo-classical american revival style house. It scaled 1:50m, so its not easy to do definitely. we've been starting to work for 3 days now. the scaled model is the class' preliminary exam in design. also, the plan and all the stuff presented will be the class' piece for the inter-class competition. pray for us that we could win!

i belonged to the furniture group. every furniture that is featured in the plan is also in detail too. and since my digicam has finally returned, i'll be sneaking the busy crowd tomorrow, and hopefully the finished product as well. ^_^

actually, half of the class is in gabo's house right now, spending the night finishing some stuff regarding on the model. beng and us didn't come because it was just this morning that they have decided to settle at gabo's place. if only they have gone to text us the night before, then maybe we could come too. but then i really don't mind because its my pandesal's 22nd birthday though! and hell, it was great!

the comical start: i didn't knew our BT exam lasts for only an hour. so i didn't tell him that i had a surprise gift for him. after several minutes of rush strolling, [hey my gift isn't rush BTW!] i have come to fantasize a big fish stuffed toy with another small one in its mouth. and it is detachable! im glad he liked it!

albert treated me and his friends at yellow cab in sm manila then after that he treated me alone at the gateway mall and watched Eragon. thank you ulet!

i am so glad just being with you pan! Happy Birthday! Alavyah!

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