pink skies + twins' bday

Thursday, November 30, 2006

could i get a sideline on this?

i was so down a yesterday that i even did get a glimpse of seeing this wonderful scene at the window.

thanks so much to beng for lending me her N6600. crap, i just can't ignore such beauty of Nature.

location: 7th flr, rm 708
rear side of the Beato Angelico Building
UST, Espana, Manila

time: 5:?? in the afternoon

title: Pink Skies

one of my favorite shot, though it is not so pink-ish. hehe!

extra bulate!

wag kang bibitiw bigla! hahahaha!

kahit ito, beauties of Nature! natural smirks, natural chuckles. ang chaka! hahaha!

just a while ago i was in Pampanga with my mom and my cousin Evelyn. My twin tito and tita turned 64 this day. and their names were after our hero, Andres Bonifacio. getting the picture? great. it was fun... i saw my Ninang but unfortunately hindi ako nakahingi ng aguinaldo. wakokoko...

man, i am sooo tired.

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