DSL part 2, MIT invasion part 2!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

mama finally approved regarding on the DSL stuff, effective two weeks from now!!! wahahahaha!!! ang tagal! pero this will lessen my agony and misery connections using dial-up! yosh yosh yooosh!!

because of the typhoon, the tomasino tribe hasn't given us the presence to study. in short, afternoon classes were suspended due to unknown reasons. if it is for the typhoon, well, what the heck? manila afternoons is soo damn super hot baby! anyway, thanks to them i got the chance to enter MIT for the second time! in my civilian clothes, i entered Mapua in a bliss... no sweat! thanks to albert for that!

i was there to knock gags on almost everyone i know. hehehe. i finally got the chance to wave at claire. hahaha! it was my first time. hey i did try to behave while i was there ok?! i just got so tensed on seeing new faces walking and passing and rushing! also, when at times albert was leaving me to check their professors, i was alone and trying to find something to ease the apprehension. hahahaha. thanks to daryl--este, Eng'r Jimenez, who was at the other side of the building--somewhere, with her special someone napping unconsiously :)

the grading was done, they are all happy, receiving a passing grade.. i just got numb being alone that i actually don't know i was half ignoring albert then. hehehe. im sorry for that. all the way home we passed jojo, telling us that he'll treat everyone left pancit canton hahaha. albert and i didn't come-- instead we made our own plan of me, treating him to sm north for congratulating him. i treated pan and myself a late lunch at the tokyo teriyaki house! jeezz!

at the mall, we even catched 6Cyclemind live on stage! i was so happy!! Ney Dimaculangan is cuuuuuuute!!! XD!

too bad i haven't brought my digicam. :(

to pan: as far as i know i haven't done anything to help you, but i want you to know i tried on supporting you until to the last minute, just by being with you through your tensed times. shameful for me to just be like that. but you know, i was so damn happy when you kissed and thanked me for my effort. i just felt i have done the big part all of a sudden. pan, i am so happy... hehehe. one down!! one left! you even told me i was your lucky charm? whoa! hehehe. you even answered the question that completes my day.

good luck! and alavyah alwaysssss!

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