DSL + job exposure dilemma + tantrums

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

PLDT gave my mother a letter regarding on 0% interest rate of their DSL. i got amazed with the promo that i eventually told mom to avail for it!! besides, you'll save more than using dial-up. our phone bill as of now is higher because of using Vibe internet that collects our internet charges by PLDT. it costs us that high. besides, on availing the promo, we'll get faster connection and a free PC! but hey where will i use the free pc?

i just hope i could get mom's approval on or before this friday. ( a while ago she was verifying the requirements needed that she already have, example: SSS id, postal id, etc..) hehehe...

may CHANCE!!

i have a problem regarding on our job exposure project in professional ethics. i tried to ask my cousin if i could work to philippine trade but she said there's a hard time dealing those people. so instead she referred me to her cousin (but not my cousin!) who is working in construction materials. i suddenly thought that if i will be going to a job, ill make sure that it will be somehow related to my course. besides, the essence of doing such job is to feel the experience of having one, like contributing to the gross product of the country. hahaha. anyway its up to the company if they will give me a salary... but the truth is, even though they don't.

i am going insaaaaaaane?! where will my place be? where will i work? maybe i am not yet ready to the real world...

a while ago albert payed a visit here in my house. after he went to mapua, he fetched me in ust about 1:30. after an hour and a half we arrived, and here he stayed til 7pm. we just spent our time watching movies on hbo and cartoon network. (haha what the!)

but then again, my niece, lyrica was seducing him (FYI: lyrica will turn 4 next monday), so hard that i want to tie her hair and lock her up in our room. lyrica wasn't that stubborn and super childish whenever he visits me. its just that my niece overreacts everytime she wants, clinging to my boyfriend like she's just my age and dramatizing what a pity child she is... hahaha, how could i say these things to my niece? hey, if only you are here a while ago and see what my niece was doing after her all day's play, you could conclude that she beats me in terms of... flirting? haha. hahaha. she even left her boy playmates just to cling and nap in albert's lap just like that.

i told him i wasn't jealous, but, i don't know. hahaha... maybe i am... what a shame.

smile. tomorrow will be worse.

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