official sem-ender post ^_^

Sunday, November 05, 2006

if you really want to see this entry, be patient. haha. i've uploaded lots of pics kasi. thanks!

i've been very busy (haha busy daw!) on leveling up my character in ragnarok. hehehe. i've got no more time on blogging and on y!m since i am savoring the last moments of my semestral break playing so much... i was supposed to post a month-ender entry last Oct 31st but then i felt the instant rush of playing! forgive me though, i missed that eversince things in school are getting tougher and tougher, well of course, being a junior college student. voila! so this is it!

like what i said a while ago this is supposed to be a month-ender entry but i realized i am generalizing the title to somewhat "sem-ender" thing. whew! i wanted to share all the activities i had--as in not all but mostly the things i did for the past 5 months of torture, excitement, happiness and fun!

(June 2006 - October 2006)

mesh with the fresh - UST College of Architecture aquaintance party

- happy experience! held at Metro Comedy bar in west Ave, QC! fun fun fun!

yours truly's 19th birthday

- hahaha, i got nice gifts too! (just look at my previous entry in july section ^^)

randomness pixx!

"heto ako woahooo... basang basa sa ulahaaan.."

these are some vanity pics before, during, and after the rain, the flood and the mess... go USTe!!

humanities humiliations! (as beng names it)

some are in video clip format but then i have this pics of ours in our drama and others.

ian's group in their song performance. astig!

pancit canton break muna!
(after rehearsing in our dance prformance. thanks to beng for that)

eyns, portraying a kid; beng, portraying the thirsty gal and
me, portraying the granny - complete with face aging haha!

mong, in their play he portrayed a soldier (i think? its an excerpt of disney's aladin)
and rex, of course portraying the gennie!

experiencing architecture - theory of architecture exhibit

haha, one factor i really need the 3-week vacation was this... it almost entirely kill us all... like what prof. equipaje said, "me mga nagkagalitan pa dyan, me nagkatampuhan for sure..."

the making:

the busy people (pero si eden naka-pose. hahaha)

the busy, wacky people (jp, rebo and rex) with our sociology prof,
sir Mark Aquino on the right. they were holding the pics of our classmates
as part of beng's group's work. hahaha kalog

eyns and i, doing our crap

the finished product (suspended bridge daw yan. hahaha)

the aftermaths: pix galore (i have uploaded some in my september entry i think.. here's more)

napakagulo nila. random pic. hehe and
an aftermath the next day during our BT class ^^ (gabo, tintin, me, jp and mong)

Ragnarok Philippine Championships 2006

have i mentioned that i went there? yup, here are some proofs: (the other pics are still in emman's cam and daryl have posted some for her own entry herself. check it out here.)

cosplayer kafras with daryl and her cousin (celebrity!)
cosplayers mistress and moonlight flower

the crowd! \m/

University of Santo Tomas Victory Party

beng and i, craving our shrimp tempura at tokyo-tokyo
in sm san lazaro.. hmm! OISHI KATTA!!

vainness (what a term!) of everybody (we are all required to wear yellow)

victory concert: marynor, beng (in her wowoweeeeee skirt) and i in the new colayco park

hindi kami naka-yellow no? haha (me, beng and kring)
chito of parokya ni edgar (atenista to a! hahaha) as the major guest
band of the night... (add ons: soapdish, callalilly, sophia, and kamikazee were there as well)

my cousin kuya aris' 26th birthday last October 28th

cute kami! ang umangal tutubuan ng kulugo sa kilikili!

the birthday dude himself, dividing his cake

(i haven't got any pics of our design 5 final plate oral defense because i forgot the digi at home. besides, who would want to pose a nervous face anyway? hahaha! but i know kring have some in her phone. maybe i'll just add it on.)

i am saying this again, this isn't all of the fun we had... for it is not all recorded nor posed for evidences: being happy is always soothing within our hearts and the best part of it is that the smiles formed on our lips isn't done on purpose... to hell and in those hell-er days, weeks and the whole sem, cheers!!

guys, see you in second sem! waaaaaa.. i'll definitely miss often-blogging so much...

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