Thursday, November 09, 2006

someone's bugging me lately. maybe i am beginning to be the cause of another rising of feeling--that needs to destroy as soon as possible. i don't like being one. most especially if one important thing's being ruined after all the mess. i hope it wasn't me. maybe i was just overreacting and paranoid... say, if you are the one avoiding all along without any reason at all what would you actually think? unless you did something very nasty right?

maybe i should ask some people about this. or maybe not. this is not my problem anymore... i just hate to feel being treated as if i don't care about somebody's feelings.

anyway my day went fine today. thanks to the one who is concerned. :)

to you: thanks for keeping up with my scattered self whenever i freak out with my stuff, for making me mad and then making up the easiest and the most serious way we could. thanks for enduring my tantrums of missing you, and for letting me hear your voice in those late night talks. thanks for the love, the friendship, the treats, for caring, sweetness--pare, sampung buwan na tayo, waw a.

hugs and kisses and... hahaha, shut up!

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