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Sunday, November 26, 2006

it has been since last night that i have been enthralled listening to his words, to the point of making me, unexplainably sobbed at the moment. the execution of those three words made me feel i am not ignored. i just hope i had helped him ease his burden regarding his schoolwork and stuff. i hope i have said the right words to make him smile, though i am not seeing him. i hope i have made him feel that i am just always ready to tell the best remedies of the heart. i hope i am effective.

so then. a while ago he wanted to visit here in my house, but i insisted not to because mama said she will be going to antipolo regarding on our house that is still in construction. my big brother is in vacation leave and sometimes i just couldn't stand him arguing all day. besides i haven't attended a mass yet. (mama's always hearing the Sunday mass at 5am--i was still asleep back then). so i said he could come another day like this coming tuesday. for my sake, he, was again repeating again the afternoon mass. i always felt anxious whenever he does something to do repeatingly. but all i can hear from him is "OK lang!"

Quality Time. he mentioned it to me, noting our meeting a while ago as a quality time. i chuckled whenever i hear it. haha, its as if we're like the newbie-steadies: early 4 months of relationship or so, but in the reality in a week from now we're turning 11. so fast that i couldn't think the days are going faster than it seems. the mass hasn't started. all the time he was holding my hand and even during the mass as well. i felt good whenever he exercises his character as he is for me, so good that i have forgotten to fix myself upon uttering the "peace be with you" upon the acting of kissing him in the cheek as well. (maybe you do in your family as well as a sign of courtesy and making a sign of peace? because in our family we always do that in that part of the mass, or like doing "pagmamano"). i can't do "pagmamano" to him, eh!? and the rest went fine as well.

after the mass we stroll the mall, did just window shopping, and bought Quickly shakes at The Block, in SM. we ordered the same kind but we're there, sharing the things we have. he sipped on my shake, making me sipped his. he laughed hard at the moment i try to get the pearl and the uncrushed taro ice stucked in his straw because nothing is coming up on it. in an instant i thought the race is becoming unfair but in the end i find myself laughing as well.

more on the window shopping, laughing, chilling on the super cold mall after drinking a super cold shake, while listening to the musicians on the open space of the mall. a relaxing old songs being rendered, done by a flute, a beat box and an acoustic guitar. it was a nice feeling. very nice feeling...

funny but i got sad upon knowing that it is time to go home. it was all written on my face. he got so worried that he hugged me and just tell me to take care of myself and to text him whenever i got home. and we said goodbyes, and the rest is... done.

for just four and a half hours i felt so very loved, so very cared of, so very super thankful. darn... i can't help stare at him walk away at the MRT stairs the moment he's going down, looking at me, waving at me, til he was gone...

boy, each day i am starting to love him more and more.... and more...

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