Thursday, October 19, 2006

i stare blankly in front of my monitor, gasping for thoughts and ideas that would pop up in my mind so that i may be able to start a new story plot. yes, this sembreak i wanted to accomplish at least one fanfic that has been rotating in my head for years. madie said the plot was good but i myself wanted it more clearly and be explained more... and more...

i wanted to apologize to beng for my hideous act last monday. i know ive become selfish, but at times i think this would be my last sort of recalling the bitterness my mom did. the previous post isn't you guys anyway... don't worry.. and why you should be. just let me be.

also, i am planning to sign up for a private blog. yep... maybe mong was right. i can't express myself that freey anymore. maybe my blog exposure was good no more.

i guess that will going to be my way in tiring myself over thinking useless stuff. i never hid the truth that my start of sembreak is as bad as spoled milk, and so more of the next days waiting for me. i just hope tomorrow would be great. its my two cousin's birthday---evelyn and irene. and as always, this date is the last day of the exhibit where ate belen is into, world trade center in roxas. im going to take a look. unfortunately, madie---on to the last minute---wasn't allowed by her dad. hay... i couldn't find anyone who wants to come, not even whoever is in your mind right now.

give me a break. i won't spill the beans this time. wish me luck.

i'm ill.

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