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Friday, September 22, 2006

"paglulutuin kita? bakit? sino ka ba?"

it hurts to know that you actually know the fact that your sole brother doesn't care for you like you do. well, i only show that i don't care for him maybe because he seem to show also that he doesn't even care about me. but just this very moment i have felt i am being so tormented and so hurt. his RD (rest day) was scheduled today and who do you expect to be at home, to prepare even a very simple dinner for a very tired person like me? haha, the question is... well, it's in my introductory line.

and you know what is wrong in this set of people? it is as if they were sooo tired with all the watching TV thing and soo tired resting that they don't mind to cook for their own food. in short, they got lazy feeding themselves. nakakapu** diba? and as for me to expect even fried fried or something? nothing... and in the end i would still be the one to clean up their LUNCH dishes.

what would you feel?

ako? chickenshit.

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