Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i am tired. i have lots of things to do. design design design.

my eyes were tired too. so very tired.

but hey, i wanted to thank everyone who participated in the exhibit held in our gallery.

that's the only photo i got with ME being included! ( i was the one taking their pics, and the one holding a blue tracing tube below)
napaka-adik nila! fine-- natin o sige!

me katabi pa akong mga "isyu"!! hihihi!

another pic!

with arch. equipaje (on the rightmost)

pati sa elevator hindi pinatawad!

that's my entry for now! if i have TIME i will edit this part! sa mga adik, just go into our photobucket account!

gash i am reaaally truuuly tired. T_T

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