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Friday, September 15, 2006

uno: not all funky looking (patok) jeepneys runs fast, especially if the driver is kinda old. =))

dos: i respect every person's privacy. i mean, if somebody made me feel that i shouldn't be minding their own beezwax, so be it. yes, really! no joke. i mean, i do respect every person's decision of not telling me things they don't want to tell, because it is a secret. the most important thing is that i don't force them to tell me such. i am not that type of person that goes mad and not the type of like don't-ever-talk-to-me-again person if i haven't known some info, just because it is not shared to me. 101% promise. and for those who are non-believers, this has been ME since i was born. i never force anyone to, you know... because i respect their existence.

tres: i started to become open to my feelings lately, especially with pan. i told him some things has changed ever since the first misunderstanding we had. he wasn't kind of that super extra sweet and malambing. and after the argument we felt we have kinda back to zero, starting again... we seldom go out eversince he became busy to his on the job training, and i too, in my design plates... we seldom SMS during those times. but now i could see that everything's back into place. he's starting to care for me a lot again just like before. he kisses just like before. haha! (that's what he told me!) well, i could feel that we do really "clicked" again to each other. maybe we needed more time again, and act like more mature, for understanding each other's time for other stuff, especially when it is for studies. yes. studies first. i told him i am just being open to him, at least. and i am happy to know that he loves me so much and more... and moore as days go by. he's aware that what we are going through should make our relationship strong. and our limitations as well. oh boy, he is really happy too to know that i love him so dearly!

kwatro: i do miss kitchie nadal's playlist! haha!

singko: sometimes we must avoid on lying too much. u agree? haha!

sais: dad gave me a tip on life. hahaha. so sweet for him to do. if he only knew i really very appreciated the fact that he DOES care for me. he told me moral things, and i could see naman na he surely gives me his trust. i was grateful he remind me of some things and some advices. i was really touched. i wish i could tell him so loud that i do love him, hahaha! but then i still believe in actions speaks louder than words...

syete: i am glad i am still a good listener. its been a long time ever since i have heard stories of such things... i could brag, i am still an effective soundboard. don't worry, your secret/s are fine with me. thanks for the trust!

ocho: yey, my blog layout is near to get done...

nwebe: PDA's are not bad in bus stops.

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