Saturday, September 16, 2006

"pabili nga ng colgate, yung close-up..."

this has been one of the spoofs my prof said a while ago in discussing the BX brand sort of cable in our utilities class... the ust grounds held a concert a while ago but then because we have to attend our classes it has started even without us. hahaha. who cares about us anyway?

the guest bands include parokya ni edgar, sugarfree and itchyworms. if only itchyworms didn't come first then maybe i could stay longer... but it was finished after our class was finished. hay. albert came to fetch me. and then we justwent to sm hypermart to buy snacks. hehehe. thanks again for the bread pan. you should be grateful i treated you a chuckie!

just minutes ago me and me friend dice chatted about some things... about highschool, now and fresh news about the "buntisan festivals" of our batch and stuff. in my sole thoughts i ask myself, have i really changed? i wasn't open before when i hardly say i will never change but then look at me now... i just realized that i was right in not entering into relationships when i was in highschool not only because i don't want to have a commitment to somebody, but also because i wanted to live and act and breathe freely, with no one demanding so much on what i am doing. i just simply love being simple with the life i have, with my circle of frineds and such. i was happy back then. i control my time and my money, my actions, my taste in all aspects.

well maybe things do change, now. but i am happy to know that some things retain.. like my passion for anime, my kakalogan and being a soundboard... still i could see that nothing has change in me. its just that there are some instances that i could say that it adds the spice of my life... for i see manila a big place, unlike in high school, everyday is like a torture seeing the same faces. when you tend to explore and meet different people each day you would feel the need of having someone with. and these has been me for eight months and a week now. haha.

i remember what dice said, as i quoted her: "human nature lang talaga na maghanap ng kasama..."

hehe, no. i won't forget my highschool memories. just the mere thinking of it makes me laugh and made me feel go back into those years.. yes... those are my lifetime treasures...

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