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Monday, October 02, 2006

whew! 2days of no classes didn't gave so much help. because of the blackout i haven't got any school work to do, not even a single history plate nor a design plate. not even a ray of sunshine didn't make me feel better. i am so doomed on those days.

and then you found out one saturday morning that there's still no classes? i woke up as early as 5:30 in order for me not to be late and all you have to came is a closed door of our building. gee. so then i decided to just proceed and spent one night again at marynor's house in navotas on that same day to do our design plate, but then we just did a little portion of it. vanity attacks and a sudden blackout. too bad.

haha you won't see those pictures, ever!

and just a while ago before everything else, i went to mass before meeting albert and emman in sm manila. albert told me his parents were there too all along and yet i haven't got the chance on meeting them. such my bad luck. moving on, emman had a car so it was easy for us to go at the Ragnarok Philippine Championships 2006 at the World Trade Center in Roxas Blvd. its been a year eversince i got there. haha. i still managed to see and explore this year's event despite of me having a big bag from my sleep over. hehe.

anyway about the convention, i must say the previous convention was more lively and fun than the current. its as if in before, pRO was the sole hit online game rather than pROSE nor RF, not even FreeStyle (which was just introduced just june of last year, in the 2005 convention)--but now, the tournament wasn't solely for pRO. also, the Cosplayers were lessen than last year. The guys told me that the only goodies in this event was that girls were sexier than the previous. (if only i have a blacksmith hammer to poke on albert's head i would. psst its a secret! haha joke XD)

daryl met us there, along with her bro and her cousin. i just hope they had real fun after we left them. sorry about that again, dar... i wanna see pics from ur cp. (pics of iya!) haha. and thank you for coming along, although i know for sure we haven't talk that really much--i dunno why---and this is so unusual! thanks for accompanying me in the restroom. namiss kita oy. and btw, tumaba ka.^_^.

we left the convention by 1pm, riding on emman's car. and at last i finally got the chance on getting my feet to the grounds of SM Mall of Asia! hehe! although true rumors still on the dropped ceiling incident and rusting foundation, who cares? haha. we just got a lil annoyed with some parking slots though.

emman treated us at Sbarro. such a tasty and yumy white pizza! thanks for recommending it. too bad we're almost close in watching a film in IMAX. so bad so reaaaally truly sad. but i still believe there would be next time! if and only if MOA is still standing hehe! *cross fingers!* btw he also treated us at Starbucks. thanks again for my venti mocha frap. loove it!

i really wanted to thank these guys for today and tonight. this section is yours.

to marynor and to all the lopez clan - thanks so much for the warm acceptance, for the 3 meals i had, the shower and the whole home to spend the night with. thank you very very much. spice (marynor's dog - but humanely in action as what she insists!) hehe! arf arf arf hahahaha! rock on! \m/ just don't bite me hehe.

to daryl and her kiddie buds - thanks too! dar, thanks for pushing through with emman's invite. i am the one thanking you for this. tell giov there could be next time for us to meet. there has.

to my AR blockmates mong, gabo, tin and eden - thanks for the warm invite to conference although i got really insane with your game plans and stuff. hehehe! gabo and mong thanks for the infos about the deadlines...

to benedict - thank you for cheering me up, for appreciating my crap and for sharing me your waka-naka pix and drawings in .rar files. they were good! pwedeng pwede ka sa manga! sorry if i missed replying on your IM's. and as what i've promised, bene-chan you go here.

to emman who charges all of the day's expense, thank you very very much! for everything-- for our marathon talks during the blackout, for sharing a load and sentiments and a while ago, from the spare batteries until to our last drop off to city hall, thank you very super mega much!! belated happy birthday! live long bro! i am always praying for you.

to albert who made my whole day ever complete, thank you really. for the patience, for the half of the meal, for going with me in my proposals, carrying my bag til its drop at home, for checking up on my folks, DOA's and hypertreats. you may not know how much i am thanking you esp for the movie, but oh boy, thank you very much! love ya lots!

to my folks at home - for cleaning up my mess, for the patience and nice greetings for albert's visit and for everything! thanks mom... cousins... nang D.. and even to my big bro for lending me browse his college thesis. thanks and i love you all!

and of course to God, who made my life so happy this day and the previous days and despite of all the things that may happen to me in the next days to come. i love you God! Glory to you!

if i have time after the sem ill be uploading some RPC pix... im going back to work.

woooooooo final games on UAAP tomoraaaaaw!! TIGERS beat ATENEOOOO!!! fight fight fight!! one big fight!!! no classes weeeee!

man, i thank again, the one who gained so many points for this day. for respecting the previous talks and respecting the whole of me, for realizing that i am serious with him being into this relationship for almost nine months now, thank you for valuing my existence, my thoughts, my beliefs and for my decisions. you have done so much effort for this day and i hope what i am seeing is all true. for what i am seeing is so sincere, and not by the actions of just being fed up with my decisions or whatsoever. thank you albert, and i'll love you, always.

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