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Thursday, September 07, 2006

i was glad and fine with the result of all the groups who have performed a while ago during the humanities class... astig!!

it may ended fine except for the incident that had happened in the morning a while ago. i got "scolded" by the "head guard" for not asking their "permit" regarding of bringing such speakers. the main thing here is that i was about to get it out from the building because yesterday we kept it inside the locker for safety. he told me i should get permit from the dean's office---which in before we never did! even up to now because as what we have known it wasn't violated any rules. why is that so?

my temper got shortened because for the first time of my three years of studying in the university i have felt such argument with just a certain head guard--sorting himself like one. duh! i really cried in anger, banging their tables shouting i-don't-care who could see me. i could still feel the badness i encountered. yes i know i have the bad part there, for not giving such... stupid permits and for acting so outrageous a while ago which is really not ME, but here's the catch: if they wanted such clean and carefree system, that mahoganic-colored irritating head guard SHOULD BE THERE 24/7! its as if he chose the day whom he wanted the building to get secured, is that? and as if i steal sound systems owned by the college?! HELLER!?! to tell you very honestly their stuff were almost nearly to get useless! kanila na ang mga bulok na yun!

why owned laptops can enter without such problem? why CFAD's could enter without that super strict maintenance? if i were them they should start checking even tracing tubes as well---or, dentent students who wear such colorful socks in stripes.

enough of the crap, i am so tired. i don't even want to narrate every single detail because it sucks to know that as if im still in high school with these such of treatment they cater to us, with this pontifical catholic university i entered. the next time i'll just follow what it should be done. that would be the last sort. to end this insanity -bossy feeling they had. shitness.

it is so bad to feel i am like entering the building with a heavy heart. that's starting tomorrow. i hope i could forget this, and live like a normal arkistud again.

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