waking up at the wrong side of the bed

Monday, August 14, 2006

dear blogger,

the title explains it. i was so doomed yesterday that i even managed to attend a mass and pretend i really never woke up so bad. with all those sweet criticisms i received from them. and then because of it i have misinterpreted some actions... and it lead me to nothing but another misunderstanding as well. with who?? aw, you know that already.

i hate feeling like this. you feel emptier and dumber instead of being comforted. i really feel sick. and tired. and... hungry. that was yeasterday...
and i felt a lil' bit (just a little tiny mini bit irritated still), now.

why on earth do i have to feel this such depression? i don't know what to do. it makes me feel blue and black all over. but then i have to move on with my work, i hate being idle too.

i even hate mondays... (sounding like garfield huh...)

catch ya later.


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