i am terrificly HAPPY!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

before i start my work, i want all of you guys to know that i am legally... HAPPY!!!
yupyupyup!! oooops... let's get things down to moderate: i am happy, ok? i am really happy. super happy! supercalifragilisticexpialidocious happy madnesssssssss!!!!!
i can't blurt it out that so easily, and i don't even wanna spill the beans! because as what i am saying, i don't wanted to reveal total happiness whenever i feel one (but ill excuse myself for this entry hehe)... i wanted this to be internalizing me as i could, so that i could feel the essence, the super natural super powerful thing!!! hahahaha nababaliw na ko!! hehehehehehe!!
basta, i know for a fact that whenever there are good things, a bad thing will surely happen. (what a pessimistic! duh! hehe) but then i wash it our just for this night! just this night!!
ooooooohhh how i love living, kahit mahirap!! hope you had a great day too!!

don't run, you'll just die tired.

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