rainy days on mondays... coldness.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i have to admit, i cried.
yes, i cried for so many reasons. i am tired. i have come to realize i've been thinking a lot lately, i've been thinking so many things, leading me to so many emotions... i am tired.
i am not with myself. i wanted to curse that sunday morning who made all of my misery today... but who else who would do that but me? the one who is so tired doing all (as in ALL, add the cooking) these chores at home, the one who is frustrated excelling in class, and the one who's trying not to mess up the rest of the day with his boyfriend, but already did---not on purpose. all these catastrophes happened to me in just a day... and it changes the whole of me. i am so bad.
man, i am starting to flood myself again. tissue please.
i felt speechless... i have so many things to tell him, to tell him that i am really upset for him being so cold to me. i can't blame him. leaving him like that last sunday was maybe a double to what i am feeling right now... i felt so childish. thanks for understanding me.
i felt regretful and sorry for all the things that had happened. luckily geran and beng did exert efforts on lightening up my ruined day. we had a siomai break a while ago. those freshly steamed ones i dearly missed, there... served with a chili sauce. not a bad idea. :)
to eden for patting my back after a vanity break in the restroom. for marynor who never miss on checking me up. and to my ka-siomai-ans... thanks for worrying about me.
maybe beng was right... with her new hairdo today... maybe i could try a new one for myself too...

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