Thursday, August 17, 2006

i think i am starting to gather my scattered self again. seems that everything's put into place. i think i am fine now.

guess what? i indulge my hair for a make-over... again. ^__^ if in before i did relaxing it, this month---out of stress and depression, i decided to avail the "celophane" promo of Les Pappu in morayta. (just last tuesday!) and i got my hair trimmed too! i liked it! i just got influenced by kring, who has nothing to do in her dorm. she confessed, "punta sana ako recto para bumili ng aklat... o kaya magpakulay nalang ng buhok... anu kaya, biggs?" then. we finally gave in... XD

da make-ober part two!

that's before... sometime last june. eto yung... hehe!

my 'kada said my hair looked thick. (my hair really is thin. super.) and btw, it is colored dark brown. and shiny pa. good bye to my gray strands of hair for the meantime! hehehe. look at my new hairdo. haha, i have found it in the catalog. ^__^

that's it! i am all fine now. ^__^

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