august focus!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

...not my ordinary august the first. one. and i also got one hour absent from my design class. our first exam on sociology class... and first time i felt sleepy on my building utilities class... gee...

what can i say? i am still stucked doing slides out from adobe photoshop. if i get tired i'll just stick to the old one i did (at eyn's house) and just concentrate searching on the net. gawd. that damn isolationism thing keeps on bugging me... with all the -ISMs we've discussed, its as if our topic is misleading to modernism. hahahaha. i am insane.

darn... darn!! a moment ago i just felt sleepy!! and now i'm doing such crap like this! if i get a little more energetic then maybe i could move on to my B.T. plate... awwwwwww.... there's sooo many things to do... sometimes i thought if i could just still smile at them. not anymore... i have to concentrate. i have another individual in here whose existence adds pressure to my everyday work. hay. i need to quadruple my effort. that i why i wanted this snores and tearful-near-to-sleep-y eyes to vanish... right away. right now.

i don't have any interesting post for today, maybe just this one copy-paste from my old poems...
i made this sometime may of 2005... enjoy. (ASA!)

Under The Mango Tree

Sitting under the Mango Tree
Spending the hot afternoon comforts me
As its dry leaves fall to the ground
Sweet silence is the only sound.

I rest my back on its huge trunk
Of the long roots behind me, I really don’t mind
Reminding the thoughts of keeping myself alive
And the things that make my heart wrench.

Countless reasons, numbering faults
Just like the dry leaves dancing in the air.
As the warm wind embraces me tight
I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Hugging my knees close to my chest
Telling the wind to kiss my cheeks.
It feels so real; it might be de ja vù
I heaved a sigh of contentment.

Maybe I’m tired of seeking and searching
Under the Mango Tree I was longing and still waiting.
I realized so many things to consider best,
One of them was having you in my life.

man, i miss him. til here! ciao.

don't run. you'll just die tired.

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