Monday, August 28, 2006

i always thought, have i gone that mature already? hahaha, stupid question. i guess the only possible persons who could tell me that are those who can see me. haha, maybe you do...
aw, forget about that crazy thought. let's move on to something light.
i spent an hour and almost a half in the library, after class. i returned my overdued book (causing me to pay 2o bucks... grrr marynor.) and then proceeded to the humanities section, 5th floor. while i was walking, (insert cue song: ta-ta-ta-taaa-ta-daaa...)
blind item/s!: on the drafting area, i saw TWO archi students of my batch who are sweet helping analyzing our current design problem. of course, i am referring to a boy, and a girl, id**t! kidding aside and moving on, correct me if i am wrong but i could see the gal was blooming lately. hahaha. btw, for those who have seen me in the 6th floor you could guess who's who. ^_^
i saw the guy a while ago, in the 6th floor of our building. he was talking to my blockmate who, a while ago pleaded to leave his big bag on our locker. another? he's a classmate of rayjohn's. hehehehe. what else... he's popular, i could say... most of our batch knew him. haha... you've guessed it already? ^__^
another thing, i was astounded that on their left, along with them was my (spoiler's up!) former crush... i almost forgot, he's a friend of the gal, and... aw nevermind! he's the man of the past! all i could say was that he;s quite femme to move. haha... but then i guess he has a girlfriend.
weee... this is enough! finally, i wanted you to know that i spent that time researching for my airport design! ok? hahaha...
still can't get enough?
alright... ALRIGHT!! for the dessert info... the girl, is acutally...
my blockmate.
yikeeeeee!!! *kiligzz!*

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