Sunday, August 27, 2006

sometimes i hate hiding my feelings. but then its for the sake of peace and unweariness, i try to control myself, not only for my "meaning" of those words, but for others.

what would you do if one instance you wanted to get mad but something's pulling you back? you tend to understand so much, and finally carrying on to all that will gonna happen next. you tend to be blind to your feelings and then forget all about the madness you have felt. in some point yes, it is a good thing. but for the second thought, would you still tolerate it if it happens again----all for happiness, peace and unweariness?

you've been very worried all day, haven't eaten that great and that much, thinking so many things. waiting a SMS upon hoping the best reply you could feel yourself fine... waiting and waiting til the night falls and nothing happens. and what is expected to you is that you won't get mad, is that it? with all the understanding i could gather... with all my patience.

all for peace.

why? simple. because,

i, love.

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