Wednesday, August 30, 2006

so idiot of me, so idiooooot!! grrrr... super headache after class: eye-rolling five-hour-nearly-to-get-insanity of design 5's airport plate... the heat of the afternoon's practice for humanities, and my heart-taking report on theory---thinking that all that we (with eyns) did was a waste. even though the LCD projector had been so cruel to us, we managed to deliver--(ows!?) the report. whew! back then i really felt ill... and nervous... so nervous that i got sleepy in, again, our building utilities class... i'm sorry, sir de vera. :)

i was totally exhausted last night, that made me go straight to bed-----until in the morning!!!! this is.. whaaaaaaaaack!! my plans for doing my plates were ruined! i am soo... soooooooo.... darned.

by the way, the reason why i posted an entry today it is because i had a strage i-dunno-if-its-a-true dream or not. because i had technically and literally overslept, i could hear mama's voice calling me for breakfast, and to fix my scattered stuff at the drafting table. i could also feel that something's biting my left thumb; maybe a couple of minutes or so. it was really biting me! yeah, stupid, composing of its toooooth, or teeth if you won't get satisfied still----and i suddenly woked up! i looked up on my finger, and nothing's into it. i tried to knock the headboard of my bed, the boxes beside, my pillows, NOTHING!!! i really felt crazy!! and then i suddenly rose from the bed, went out and saw mama stacking bagoong in jars. i got so weird that i went straight to the sink, washing my thumb with a detergent soap! waaaaaaaa!! i got a little scared, and at the same time, numb for realizing, that my thumb had a small wound yesterday. (yesterday i was biting my own thumb because of tense on our report)

mama's asking me why, i told her i think a rat had bit me. waaaaaaa... i just hoped it was just a dream... anyway, nothing's weirdER happened since a while ago. i am fine, err... i guess. except that someone's making me go nuts.>_<

"andyan lang, andyan lang... ang hinahanap mo...." yeah... the lines that beng needs to master... yebah!

"sana... saaaanaaaaaa!!" those second voicings of marynor did gave me a LSS. haha. jenk.

he who laughs last thinks slowest.

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