daddy's comeback.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

i must say im taking my english (barok) in my entries seriously, eh? =))

albert gave me a souvenir from his grandparents' golden wedding anniversary yesterday. it was nice... a figurine of the holy family. good... good... Ü

we didn't go home together last night because he had an overnight at emman's place for their design subject thing... so... haha. it's ok. ok lang...

the engineering science exam on shear and moment diagrams were postponed and will be conducted next Saturday! yipeee!!! \m/

what a quite lucky day.

and so he came...

my dad came home from Frankfurt yesterday--yeah, with an injured look. of course he was. he had gone thin, tanner skin and now semi-long hair. he welcomed me home with a lop-sided smile, eating dinner with my mom. that was about past nine in the evening. uncle ronnie was here too and the other folks. i missed him, but i had to admit, not that so much.

haha, why? because i still catch up into him whenever he's away thru SMS. that is why i got the chance on knowing what's up with him while he's there... and as well as that accident happened after my birthday.

he told the company to reside into our house for the meantime before admitting in the hospital. i must say he had gone a lot better than he was there in the ship, mending his injury by himself. now that he's here, we'll assure him that he could recover fast. yeah!

that would be tomorrow, i presume...

argh. i'm tired of seeing this layout... maybe if i got the chance of fixing it after my prelim exams... then maybe i could.

heyhey, special announcement: haburdey ke shoti Christopher King!!!! treat ka naman dyan! mwahugzz!

so this is it for now... hope you had a nice weekend. mine's never better! :)

browse til your eyes got sore...

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