good and bad part 2

Friday, July 28, 2006

mmm... feels so good to erase a depressing entry, but then i still wanted to remain it as it is. i must say, not all things that are happening in one's life are always funny, happy and something to excite about. that serves as a lesson. an obstacle in which we had surpassed. yey!

obstacles... as what denise has told me. thank you girl.

if you guys only knew the ones involve, you are sure going to give me a hilarious look. i bet. argh lets forget about it alright?

anyways... before i start my work, (and that is scanning for our research in our new design major plate) i wanted you guys to know that my dad will be coming home tomorrow because of the accident that had happened last tuesday in his work abroad. X-ray findings shown no broken ribs of him he had a dislocated one. poor dad... i felt bad and awful for him but i felt more pity for myself. i don't even know if i could still educate myself with such knowledge, by the mere studying in UST makes them down. yes, we are almost down, now that the house in antipolo is still in construction, and now that dad has to go back here and take his medications here and his recovery faster than in abroad (even though the company would take the expense for it).

i felt sad for my mom; she hasn't sleep that well these past few nights... and i felt mad for my big brother. i know it sucks to spill what i have in mind, and i suck to voice out what i am feeling, but what the heck, even though i couldn't give as of now the income they wanted to have, that doesn't mean that i can't tell what i wanted to tell. that i can't speak up for what is and for what is not. i am so doomed. i really felt the pity that has gradually eating the whole of me. sometimes i wanted to burst out. a while ago i was merely thinking on that guidance counselor if maybe one time i could drop by and ask her some things that may lighten me. coz if not, maybe there would come a time that i'll give up all of these...

i hope i could still laugh like before. i could pa naman... pero sana... sana there would really come a time na all the happiness i have felt would not be alter with a sad one so fast.

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