what can this eight-letter word can do to US.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

i respect every detail of the scene that has happened last night. i really am. so if ever you wanted to know about it, and know the real not-so-subjctive type of story, you can buzz me out.

i was really upset to myself last night. first time in my life that i've felt being in a subject of a scene that he could make him feel... bad. sad. totally bad. and i as well felt bad too. God knows i am not that kind of person, and to think that it was sort of post-birthday greetings to deal to. but then it appears that i have hurt him that badly. i am sad...

maybe i am just insensitive to the feelings of others, to his feelings. i only thought of myself and nobody else. or maybe i wasn't wrong all along. because i DID NOT intentionally do it just to hurt him. why for?! and besides, i am not that super stupid to hurt the one i solefully LOVE!! never!

i understand him, coz in a way if that situation happens to be me in his shoes, i would also feel, and maybe mas grabe pa. again i am truly sorry for what had happened. for what have you seen, but please don't think that when your not seeing me i am doing nasty things to you, coz i will never ever do that. neither an attempt is a fear for me to do. because i love you.

again, im sorry for all that has happened. let's not ruin our relationship we have in just one bad feeling... its not worth it. but i thank you for telling me earlier that you actually feel it. its a challenge, as you say it. i love you. so much... let's stay together, live happily together, just be the same.

oooohhh.... what can this word can do to us... now i know. and man, it really makes me feel ill.


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