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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

what if, im on top of a 99-flr bldg... ready to jump...? give me a 1-line sentence, to convince me that i should not die. text mo din sa iba, matutuwa ka sa mga sasabihin nila! ;))

hahaha... and this is what i got.

"Aby wag! Sayang unlimited mo!" -Dixie

"Di pa tapos plate mo... yari ka sa prof." -Shine

"Ano mapapala mo sa pagpapakamatay mo kung palulungkutin mo lang kaming lahat sa gagawin mo?" - Carlo
(waw, ang drama ng banat! astig ka mehn..)

"Tangna dude may insurance ka na ba?" -Mim
(hehehe, gagu.)

"Diba sabi ko sayo hinding-hindi ka mag-iisa? Tara sabay tayo..." -Emman
(err... seryoso ka?)

"GOD gave you life and HE is the Only one who can take it." -Zarah
(eto ang sineryoso. cue song: "soul of Christ... sanctify me...")

"Ayokong mawala ka, mahal kita..." -Albert
(wow... kinilig naman ako dito... haha lande amp!)

"I love you." -Chris
(labyu den shoti! sarap. andaming nagmamahal saken...)

hmmm... have u tried this one? cool... hehe wid da formulas and calculations stuff. astig to.


do you know that chocolates can tell what your age is? Just do a simple math!
How many times would you like to eat chocolates in a week? (1-9)

if you have your answer, multiply your # by 2;
plus 5;
multiply it by 50;
add 1756 (if you already had your birthday this year) or 1755 (if you haven't yet);
then subtract your birthyear.

now, you'll have a three-digit number. The first one is your original number, and the last two number is your AGE...

astig diba! hahaha. la lang. i got 818. :D

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