Wednesday, May 24, 2006

a while ago i was like blown by a cold, emo wind, telling me to say things dramatically on purpose. but the moment i felt and tend to become more serious, i suddenly felt i needed more attention from someone. i started to say unusual things, keeping a distant calmness and uneasyness. i can't help it. maybe i was just missing so many things since i already passed the summer class on my falied subject. it's too hard to admit, eventhough i already finished repeating it though... had to admit that i instantly got lost and neglectful. anyway, its over.

hay. i am sad... i am sad...

i still thank God for not making this summer break a very tough one for me. well, not almost, not until this weekend has happened.

wala lang... i started to miss some people. i must say, it has been quite odd since i revealed a small truth to someone. but that doesn't mean i lost the trust this person has given me. never. i missed talking to this person lately. well, if you're going to analyze it, it has only been 2 days since the last time we talked. not until a while ago, for i have given this person an SMS. i understand. things in school now are quite difficult and they need more time to focus, but then... oh well... umay sa gulay... maybe i was just pampered with so much stories--all those wacky ideas we have in mind that i forgot the possibilities of keeping untracked. you got the word... pampered with so much closeness we had. sometimes i wonder on how much happiness i exert with someone, be altered by a total sadness whenever things change. sometimes i tell myself and hoped that if i wasn't that too stubborn to tell what i knew... and if only that person wasn't too stubborn to know the truth as well... then maybe... i could be even happier. and so she does. aww i missed her. very much.

i missed you, Daryl...

what lies now is the fact that not all things are compatible, even though you forced it to be that way.

umay sa gulay na talaga...

(one time i would do a secret journal that no one could ever see execpt me.)

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