photo trip, part 2

Saturday, May 20, 2006

last sunday we had a.... (drumroll please!) another photo tripping! this time with a bunch of nephews and nieces! wahahaha! ay, niece lang pala...

these are my cousin Che-Che's kids. waharhar...

L-R: me, allyssa and mark (mark is my godson); their youngest, aldrin

L-R: pahalik! =)) ; allyssa: nyek, tita ba't blurr? abbey: ginalaw mo e!

bago pumasok sa school... i was about to leave when by kukote powered "kabaliwan" on.

before saying bye-byes last thursday... hinatid ni mama si papa sa airfort. wakoko. i can't come because i have classes... too bad. T_T

wahehehe... ako at si inaay! (bagong ligo si ako... hahaha)

At ang Batas....

hay... i miss you, daddy yo... be safe always.


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