four-letter-word: M-A-M-A.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

i've got nothing to do with this day except, snoring. hehehe.

yeah... and i am munching those... near-to-be-overriped siniguelas. hahaha...

kaasar kanina. nag-brownout! it took us hourS to gain our electricity. luckily it didn't happened on a super hot afternoon or else i would indulge more into a cooler place.

nothing's so productive that had happened this day, except that i played the piano several times as i could... then i suddenly got bored... maybe it's in the cold weather though... (oooohhh i love wearing my fave jacket!) then i took a nap around 3:30, not realizing that i haven't taken a bath yet. (yuck.) but then i still managed to sleep... it was all dark and lazy, you see... who could possibly be turning their heads on to work? besides it is really cold outside. i wonder why some didn't get flu... (i snoze more than three times just now)

sooo... mom's day huh? hehehe... nag-adik kami ni mama sa pix last night. she didn't even know i was actually posting some of it tonight. as i was putting borders on it in Adobe, she frowned and said to me, "anu ba, anung gagawin mo dyan, pati ba naman yan pagtitripan mo pa?" hehe, she didn't like seeing herself with all those wacky stuffs and all, you know. she is kinda embarassed with our pics... hehehe... she often tells me she's getting older in her looks. eh anu pa ba, diba? hehehe... sooner we'll be going to be like that too.. but then... who cares? she's my mom... my only mom... not your mom, anyway... and i love her. soooo much!

L-R: pa-cute lang!; anu ba yan...; smile's delight!

love your moms too! she's the very precious thing you could ever have. happy mother's day too all the moms out there!!


Biggs =3

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