photo trip', part 1

Saturday, May 13, 2006

hehehe... last week, me and my niece, Lyrica decided to have a little tripping... as i was getting the hang of our DSC digicam (with a whopping 7.2 megapixels!), i tried taking shots of her as she was resting in our sofa. wala lang. subject of photography? well, siguro nga. but then as i tried to took for more, i realized my niece is getting prettier than before. wahaha! besides, i could feel she wanted to pose in for me.

why not?

be amazed... TRIVIA: she is only three years old. ^__^

^__^ pede nang pang SCQ!

btw, i have just received a note from my dear friend, Chris that he would be going to US by this year. december i think... darn it. i know this will take you time to reflect and overcome your depression but, im saying this in advance, though it is still far yet. i am looking forward to see you again. i do hope that you will be coming back, and dude, i'll surely be messing up your hair just like the old days! and we will eat our fave Mudslide ice! treat ko na nun by that time comes!... man... i suddenly felt sad. i felt something has taken away from me... i felt i've lost a little bro all of a sudden... Chris, mamimiss kita... haaaaay... i am actually shocked... up to now. just imagining the things that might happen in the next months to come really makes me sad... hehe. malaki ka na talaga... Take care of yourself... I'll miss you, bro... maybe you don't know how much, but i surely am. terribly... super. really.

come back soon... i love you, shoti!!

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