brrrr.... call me weirdo, but i like this weather.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

hehehehe... it's been a while... funny though, the battery of our digicam gave up on me finally... i was about to transfer our pics not until i saw it blinking... grrrr...

ang lameeeeeg! am i saying goodbye to those hot summer days? my fave season is coming so near than the expected... it's still May, you see? a lot of people (yeah, i mean A LOT) don't seem to be glad with the season... maybe i'm just the weird type. what can i do? for i believe the rain would simply tells me how wonderful God is.

i still got a week and a couple of days of my summer class. well, that's the reason why i haven't posting that much. besides, i am busy mingling with my "balikbayan" titas. haha. that's a WOW for you. just last tuesday, my aunt julie came back to L.A., where she was. and now on sunday, aunt dory (my dad's younger sis) would be home... not for good, though. (she's planning to work on Canada on her next out-of-the-country---and that's positive) --with all her fractured arm and all. yeah. one morning she was accidentally slipped on her bathroom floor--i dunno why. too bad..

arrrghh... i want the pics from my cam!! nyaaaaaaaaaarrrhh...

btw, i was fond of the japanese names-translation i saw from
Daryl's LJ a while ago... my name turned out to be Kazuki! (ABI in english)... hahaha! aliw! why not try for your own? just click on dar's link over there and see it for yourself. enjoy!

i'll be posting some pics later... kunin ko lang yung rechargables...

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