pink panther + pink shirt :: the loop + big bro's house

Sunday, February 19, 2006

^^^ ang timpla :: amf, parang sinisipon ako? ^^^
^^^ main dish :: weeee my onii-chan treated me @the Napoli! ^^^
^^^ dessert :: Kenny Rogers - You and I ^^^

i have just found recently that my classmate and friend timmy hearts old genre of songs! he has lots of compilations and stuff in his house. wow! he wanted to lend me and borrow some. thanks, man! u rock!

nice intro, eh?

so nice for a week-ender, you know... our p.e. class last friday was again, ended hilarious yet quite tiring. (yeah?! keeping that lesbo classmate on-guard makes me..) anyway, i got stolen one chance of the opponent's, got also the chance of shooting for the second time (thanks to brian and rabbi), and the rest was guarding, and cheering, and running like for playmate's sake... get what i mean? lol. i am happy for my teammates, kring, beng and timmy for scoring for the first time. (may grade na tayo!! yebah!!) /heh

i got a new shirt! a pink pensport shirt! he told me he wanted me to wear it the next time we're going out. and so do i, for i would like him to wear the shirt i gave him. i like this shade of pink he chose! (i secretly thank another person for this. you know yourself! you should have done your check-up! man...) this sure have been the coolest shade of pink i got. and in that i would like to thank him... wo han ai ni, for the post-valentine date! \m/

i have so many things to thank about! for the food tripping we had! boy, sulit ang nachos sa gym! wahehe! thanks to my buddies, geran and beng, at sa mga na-B.I. naming sina marlon, timmy and paul. and also! it was fun i have played again volleyball... fortunately i lost some of my moves. hindi na ko marunong mga chong. hehe.. but then thanks to my unbeatable teammates: tin, daryl and geran. hahaha! for backing me up. hey i did some nice pass and set too! lol. thanks din chris for hanging out with us at the gazebo! hope you guys did well at the surveying exam.

and to him for the trip going home, thank you. and im so glad you did well in your previous exam too! *cheers*

after that my brother and i decided to treat me again at the Napoli in tomas morato. (man, i love pastas!) he ordered that meatball parmagiana that costs almost 200 bucks. and that new york style pizza that was so delicious. lahat naman sakin delicious eh! hahaha! after that we went to The Loop, just to let the food in our tummies be absorbed it was meters away from Napoli so we just walk. hehe. we decided to trip around the abs-cbn compound and got stopped by in front of the pinoy big brother house. hehehe...we indulged ourselves by taking a shot on it! i even got the chance to have a pic with john prats' dad! weeeeeeeeeeeee!! hahaha! he's handsome like his son! im him you could see that even though you're already in the middle age you still had the face every girl wants! yeehee! hahaha! too bad we're against the light. grrr.......

hey geran! alam ko na kung san nakakabili ng barkada trip shirts!! yebah!

awwww!! i almost forgot we will going to have the nstp run for humanities at 6am! parusaaaa!! gotta split! ^__^

beng? we'll talk about your dilemma on the run...
darn! what have you done to me, chris castro?! i'm in the hell sniffing around here! ampf.

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