IS NOT A DREAM!.. happy botdei marynor!

Friday, February 10, 2006

^^^ ang timpla :: super happy! ^^^
^^^ main dish :: kumain kami sa labas. (McDo) ^^^
^^^ dessert :: Lisa Loeb - Stay ^^^

i wasn't supposed to tell this spoiler part of my life. yeah, pero nonsense din ang blog if kahit konti wala ka man lang mai-spill, and since i'm extremely glad up to now (and maybe forever! exage!) i thought, why not i give at least a glimpse!

ngarag pa rin sa design. actually hindi pa rin ako tapos magpahanggang ngayon. tikas! happy birthday ulit marynor! ATE!! hahaha!

ma'am garcia hasn't attended our class a while ago. siguro malala na yung sipon nya. kahit agahan ko ang alis sa skul it would not make any difference... i arrived at sm manila to meet albert and yet nakasakay kami (ng jeep talaga.) by quarter to seven na. hirap makasakay! then, we just ate at McDonald's. la na choice! i couldn't think of a better resto then. mcdo talaga. haha... then i kinda felt sleepy. wala pa rin ako tulog eh! then we tried to canvass a new mouse for his pc.

a while ago in design people were curious why i suddenly became quiet like i'm not used to it. wow! grabe! yun pala daw ako pag walang tulog! seryoso at malungkot! hahaha... hay. hanggang ngayon... buti naka idlip...

the rest of the day was fun, i felt complete, recalling the time i decided to change my life... with someone i could never ignore... it was a month ago. and time's not as slow as you could think of it. it's not a dream either...

i was, i am and will be happy because we are true to ourselves.

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