wa hope.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

[ [ k a n j i t e :: felt like the first time.... /ho =)) ] ]
[ [ u t a :: Do I Need A Reason ~D'Sound ] ]

oh yeah... i like this band so much too... sana i could have their compilation cd... onii-chan must be my savior... waha, my santa this christmas! lolz.

soo... up until now also i am thinking if im going to report on our literature class tomorrow. hu-waat! and as far as i remember, we even got assignments on that one too! hell... some pinoy legends and all... darn. garrh.. she would forfeit me, i am now pressuming that. i have no choice. too bad. hey, i do care of it, eh!! its just that i have to pray for good luck tomorrow that i hope my report time would be stolen by other reports... (tagalan pa sana nila....) hmm... i aim for bigger chance(s) of her not attending our class... but then that's impossible! she wasn't around too last monday in her one hour class before noontime. gee...

and you know what, even up to now i still haven't started plotting my exterior perspective ... shiyet.... whattacrammer.... dum dum dum....

yeah... nothing's so well today. i had 12+ hour-sleep, imagine! sooo good to be back in my bed, but the ironic thing was that i was so into longing in my bed last night, that i even missed that new korenovela on ABS primetime called "Only You"... ganda kasi ung bida dun! I think she has somewhere appeared on other storyline naman... ay, sya yata si Sassy Girl Tv series ng GMA eh! hay.. to cut it short, i already missed two episodes now. bad. bad.

nothing's really good and so well this day except that i have found nice things to know. wakoko... and mind you, it's really heartwarming. (or, shall say... flattering?) lolz. (aww you shut up biggie... kiligin ka mag-isa mo! wahaha! snap it out.) yeah.. i just watched tv, and... waited for my cousin's call to go to the clinic with her... at long last. then... after that...guess what? haha...ay, bawiin ko na... it's quite humiliating to tell though... and besides, it's nothiing so big to deal with.

hay... san na naman ako pupulutin nito? darn darn... im also feeling not so good today... **sniff**some yuletide phenomena eh? yeah... ang immune fortress ko ay natibag... **chug**... lamig... yeah... cheers for more more good luck...

cge na nga! this is my secret! i'm still into reading paperbacks up until now... yay... i bought one a while ago... Susan Wiggs' Halfway to Heaven... interesting, huh? weeeee.. i can't wait for christmas vacation!! =)) hope i may not be so jubilant that i may start reading it.. now.

no... not now... damn... hay. gudlak sakin. >.<

wooohoooo! then Jason Mraz rocks my pancreas! labo...

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