first day funk sa SIMBAHAN!

Friday, December 16, 2005

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literal na silent night...

oh well, the sky's blue pa rin up until this time. (6:19am) my class today is at 9 so maybe i could take again a nap... (hey, sleeping time is GOLD!!) but then i can't find a moment for it. so maybe i could just drop by here for a while and do some blabbing.

i told to myself that i would just take a two-hour rest last night... whoa... nagkamali calculations ko hehehe... luckily when i woke up i remembered that this day is the start of the novena mass, so i rushed telling her that we're going to be late. so we ended hearing the Good News outside though... yeah... at the busy street's sidewalk. there's this chapel at the end of our street, and when we got there it was almost full.. no. it was really full. but then it didn't stop me to pray. that's why i'm there, stupid. <--so bitter! -_-'

The moon was so big, so round and so bright a while ago that i can't even help but to take a shot on it. i'll just post it later, or maybe tomorrow so i could compare the moon today and to the remaining Simbang gabis... hehe... i also got shots of our quiet street. it was fun... add the scenario wherein a middle-aged woman and a dog passes me by as i was about to take it--a really unexpected 'stolen' pic, i say.

-----other things to blab about-----

at last! we had finally passed our first major plate yesterday!! wooohooo! hay. it was tiring, really.. but then you could see us that we have finally removed the needle in our stomachs! lolz. why? there's this bunch of crumpled papers geran formed into a feeling-baseball-sa-laki paper ball... or even a funnier word for that--- nangangarap-na-sing-laki-ng-soccer-ball ... hahahaha! btw, to freshen you up, geran started this crazy thought when he started disturbing me as i read my paperback beside the glass window. walang magawa... wala rin syang makulit. (i brought my paperback along... i did to read 5 chaps out of boredom, so.. ^_^) rick was asking me what color would match his rendered perspective, as i stole a glance on the busy street of españa... then my sight was caught by a huge billboard of dennis trillo. there... i was mumbling--no, yelling at rick's lifeless hopia tracing paper that papa dennis trillo was so cuute! he didn't mind me for his ears were stucked of hikaru utada songs in my mp3, but someone had reacted!(naalala ko si beng, she said it's not obvious in rick's face that he's absolutely fond of jpop/rock unlike the others!)

as geran hasn't ceased on throwing me those small bits of his crumpled hopia papers at my back, (pare, small bits pa lang yan, wala pa yung singlaki ng bola ng baseball) in our middle table was marlon, commenting.. "ha? ano, biggs?" yet i wasn't calling for his name though! i was so clueless, i turned back and faced him, and---taena!! hell pare, nagfeeling na naman sya! i daresay he was posing like dennis trillo in the billboard. hahahaha! "oi marlon, amp... tae ka ang feeling mo!" i laughingly teasingly said... hey, i can't help but to laugh no... ang layo-layo kase... hahaha! there... i was totally distracted. yet i still managaed to read two pages more.

rick and beng had passed their plates at the same time. good for them. there... we finally head home, kicking the nangangarap-na-sing-laki-ng-soccer-ball crumpled paperball. imagine from 7th floor, 7 people rin ang nakikisipa hanggang baba! (me, geran, beng, eyns, marynor, rick and marlon) umabot pa yon hanggang sa gulong ng dean ng fine arts and design! yeah! sa labas! wahahaha! we're so in-the-devilish-mode! =))

lakas ng trip! btw, our deisgn prof ma'am beriña gave our second major plate to think of this christmas vacation. ahuhu... it's not mere houses and landscape parks anymore... wanna hear me say this? ready?

we are going to build a strip mall... yeah! a MALL!!! exciting, challenging, yet... arrgh! ikamamatay ko! yebah!

pray for me. geez... oops! i need to get ready! laterzz.....

nanay... gusto ko ng bibingka... at hot choco pang-combo!!

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