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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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mom told me a while ago that dad would be spending the holiday here! wow! am i right? or maybe he would arrive by the 26th na... too bad. Xmas eve by that time was done already. anyway, kahit anu pa, he would be here spending with us the new year's eve... not bad... ^_^

ooooohh.. so.. that means... i.... aw, nevermind.

it's not the first time that i cut my class. yeah. for twice this day, i did CUT my class... the first was in my integral calculus class, and the other was i, together with my colleagues had to cut, eventually our literature class. we did cut that Lit class because we wanted to go and see the Marikina riverbanks for our next design 2nd major plate's proposed site, you know... the strip-mall thingy majigy...

but before that, zarah and geran brought us to a chinese restaurant, near their former school. hehe, i remember suddenly beng who keeps on rubbing her pair of chopsticks as i say "tol, walang lalabas na apoy dyan..." she told me there's still strips of wood in there blah blah and all... in the end i was totally stuffed with thebeef wanton mami i ordered. first time in the history that i didn't finished my meal. sobrang busog! mamimiss ko ung sabaw na yun sa pasko...

after that we rode the LRT2 and went to marikina riverbanks... we did saw the site (was that really the site?)... and luckily, beng brought along her dad's digital cam. we took shots of our faces, like the old thing we used to do... (yeah, call us vain and all we don't care.) we rented 2 single bikes also. haha, that was fun. i was so glad may pumayag na iangkas ako. haha. all in all as we went home tired and quite messy, unexpectedly, anton's group along with gabo were there too. wow. hehe... maybe beng would let me have those pics by the new year.

hay... to tell you, i'm not really in the mood to blab and blab... i feel quite sad and mad and confused and everything! unexplainable! we have to go early to school tomorrow for that feeling-kami'y-out-of-place CWTS activity. pineder and anton had already did the gift for us to deliver tomorrow at sta. ana... hay. after that i am going to pass this dumb research work to ma'am judith in the afternoon... but jc said we are going to have an assembly at 1pm, which means that it is a required thing to do! gaaaaarrrrh! its worse than expected! im too tired... call me anti-social, so what? anyway i was thinking nalang na its the last day before our 2-week long vacation. at last. rest rest rest.

paskuhan... sure it does have lots of great things to offer... to tell you, i'm not really that excited, you know. i often think, tommorrow would just be as plain as the normal days... watch the sun goes down and hey, gabi na ulit... but then i really wanted to watch the fireworks display in the evening though... i want to see it, and feel it pops in the air like that. i really want to... well, if that's what The One up there wanted to happen though... then be it. what more thing could be nicer than getting the chance of seeing it with a special earthling beside you, eh?

haha. this will be going to be a very long, tiring night for me =))

i suddenly felt sad. yeah, weakling... ...i just hope i could.

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