my late entry---Paskuhan '05

Sunday, December 25, 2005

maybe this entry was not so much awaited... hahaha... just maybe. ^_^ umm, i might as well tell some things that had happened this past few days, for pete's sake...

last tuesday, i, eyns and beng went to Jose Reyes Medical Center for our CWTS activity. we, along with our co-coursemates gave the gifts wrapped in cellophanes composing of fruits, toothbrushes, and other edible canned items. it was a good feeling though, as we hand it to those patients who might spend the holidays there. sad though, but because of their illness, they really need proper medication, that's why. and then what really strikes me is that when i got the chance to give a gift to a cancer patient. she was so glad as i gave her bunch of fruits and other stuff. her guardian was smiling at me as she said thanks. it was really heartwarming though... i was kinda shy back then as i told her 'ate, merry christmas... pagaling ka ha...' the cancer patient thanked me. it was the sweetest smile i ever seen of all the patients whom i encountered. i feel sorry for him on the other hand. maybe she was just hiding the fear of death she might or she might not be encountering. maybe the result of her chemotherapy, she had hair loss... i really feel bad for her fate. anyway, her smiles and chuckles made my day.she even giggled upon seeing her jar of Stik-O along with the fruits in store.

Doc Maranan (or CWTS coordinator) thanked us too for helping with the project. though we're only 12 students who joined (surprise lang na napasama kami hahaha) he told us that our in-campus activity is quite nearing to success... a job well done, as what he says.

when we got to school, my happiness was altered in deep frustration as i recalled my unfinished sociology research paper business with ma'am judith... i have to wait until 4pm then... badtrip... the paskuhan parades would start by 3. ayan... i just saw the end of it. darn it.

last tuesday also was the really much awaited Paskuhan '05 of ust. and hell yeah, because of waiting for ma'am judith, i haven't watched the whole of the intercollegiate street dance competition... darn. grrr.... hehe, FYI-- i have not attended even the first paskuhan i had. after our parade, i felt kinda ill... so then. last year, i was.. hmm... err.. we could call that i was absent.

so this one was my first, actually. hehehe. btw, i thought these guys would never come... thanks to albert, emman and karla (yeah! u rock girl! nice meeting you!) for granting my invitation. too bad daryl wasn't there to witness the fireworks display.. (and i wasn't able to meet her in person! sayang. T_T) also, albert and emman gave nice presents for me. (ako walang gift na nabigay...kakahiya... T_T) thanks! and i am using it right now... ^__^ i was with them as we waited for the giant christmas tree to gain its light, and at the same time the start of fireworks display. really cute and wonderful, i say! but, whenever you come to think of it,it was our tuition fee who did it all. haha... hindi mo na maiisip yun, when you really got the chance to see it in you own eyes... last year kasi wala... the money (or our tuition) na nilaan for the fireworks were just being donated in Quezon.

after that, emman treated the three of us in goldilocks españa. thanks ulit! then, they went home after that, as i went back to the school, knowing that i could still enter our building to get what i have left in the locker... but marynor said the guard wouldn't let anybody enter. hay. so, i might as well watched the remains of the program.

it was a nonstop band sessions, raffle giveaways and more whattabouts... the first band to perfrom were badong and his bandmates called Publico. grabe idol ko na sila!! in a short while i felt proud seeing my classmate doing whathis passion for music. astig ka dude. parang i wanna tell to the audience-- "oi! kaklase ko yan!!" and then one of his bandmates thanked our section before rendering their last song. wahaha, at that time, i felt i belong to that special sectionhe had just mentioned. gee! ^__^

the highlights of that band rockin' til night event were Kiko Machine and the truly tomasian blood--Join The Club... wahehe, that completes my night!

but you know what it really completes me? haha...

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