Monday, December 19, 2005

[ [ k a n j i t e :: hmm... totally pissed off. ] ]
[ [ u t a :: You're A God ~Vertical Horizon ] ]

up until now i am still NUTS doing this damn Sociology powerpoint presentation that i'll place in floppy disks... this really makes me sick... knowing that i would be attending the Simbang gabi later on... awww how i love ma'am judith. $#%$###^*%#%!!!

my hair did nothing so new today, except for its attributes were only to dressed still in that fly away style. and that's all.

mom and i went out this afternoon... hmm... we bought something we could wear in the holidays... finally i bought the cap i am really fantasizing about... thanks to her!

so what else... hay nako... i'll just continue with this... crap. and i am on with my santa hat, mind you.

yeah. call me what you like.

the girl crammer...

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