would you believe?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

i am sick...

aww... just when i thought my immune system would still back me up from my previous design plates, reports and all... with all those past sleepless nights and even restless days, my fortress have given up.

long last. my second major plate in design is finished... darn. gumaganti si sityar i guess... and oh! before i forget, i would like to thank beng, geran and eyns for helping me out. thank you guys really... i would never pass those boards without you guys... aisle o' view!

i had a great day though tiring... kasama ko ba naman si jc (my labsss) nagsoli ng overdued books sa lib... haha. tibo na ako... why jc? (jeanne carmi [yup, she's a girl, our class pressy] ^__^ aww no! 'je-an' sounds more like it!) it's a long story though... (i'll spill on that next time..) hahaha. wala kang pakelam. then again. thanks to beng and geran for walking with us. it was fun. ^__^

sana tumalab na yung decolgen... grrrr....

sa lahat ng may sakit... get well soon to us. (you know yourselves by now.)

kay boy labo Carlo: thanks for reminding and worrying about me. i really appreciate it.. so much. u rock pare! mag medicine ka nalang imbes na mag CoE! wapak!

this is going to be another tirrrrrring night for me... that has been for today.

keeping still...

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