rainy days on... fridays.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

[ [ k a n j i t e :: better than the previous.. ^__^ ] ]
[ [ u t a :: Yukkuri ~Hitomi Mieno (from Daa! Daa! Daa! OST) ] ]


guildmate pao and i have a secret! wooon't tell!!!!! lolz

i got a whole lot better... still ain't finished with some reports to blab... whenever i remember what i told to the class a while ago about the thing regarding on abortion, i feel an instant humiliation! what i said a while ago didn't sound good... as if my terms mixed up, leading me to a bad explanation. anyway, thanks to my groupmates for quenching my fear out. ^__^ (i hope i didn't disappoint anton though... >.<)

the rain hasn't stopped yet, one thing i'm fantasizing about. weird huh... well, i have to admit, i got amazed seeing our window sill in a fog-like thing... making me feel tranquil again. well, most people got annoyed with the weather... but for me it's the other way around... but then again not that i am loving it so much---not to the extent that our campus would turn out into an island because of it. haha... [ [ u t a :: Tenshi No Yukibiri ~Fukuda Mai (His&Her Circumstances OST) ] ] ohh what a tiring day... nothing's so special.

haha, i saw my crush in the other section a while ago.. i guess that answers all the weariness-go-away of this day... hey i've got some plates to do.. til then.

keeping still...

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