Sunday, September 18, 2005

[ [ k a n j i t e :: 'brrr...' cold... though i could see the sun's rising up.. ] ]
[ [ u t a :: Angel ~Sarah McLachlan ] ]

surprise...! the moment i arrived home (around 6:30+pm perhaps) no one's inside. fortunately i have the duplicate key mom gave to me one time. i lazily placed my stuffon the sofa--restlessly taking a sit with a long moan as i got theremote control, trying to condition myself to a good watching habit. suddenly i remember i didn't have an extra uniform to wear for the seminar tomorrow (which happens to be today---or later!) luckily my nephew arrived, checking me up as he borrowed our phone. as i was doing the laundry he was telling me he'll be calling the customer care of LU! to retrieve hi transactin number (if i'll tell all of it then this would be going to be a long story.. *sighs*) then, brother arrived, bringing something food to eat.

haha, i chuckled a bit, scolding myself... i almost forgot--eating is a part of living... with the plates i am doing i started to forget about what food is all about. geezz.. but then i didn't manage to eat either... i don't know, but i found myself resting in my bed, holding Jowie's RO Juno guidebook... there.

an hour before that i was in school, trembly sitting at the lobby along with other students and with my classmates, waiting for the announcement of the champion of the UAAP Nonstop cheerleading competition. I was doubting on UST Salinggawi before--- pano ba naman.. we haven't watched any single throw! back then we have kasi a test in Building Utilities... i was kinda surprised DLSU got a nice performance... since it was the last group to perform... and the only team we got the chance to see on the TV screen (Beato Angelico bldg. has a TV now... i think all bldgs. of UST has) on the final announcement, we cheered for our school, as FEU got the 3rd place again. (last year it was them too) and then doubting DLSU or UST to be the second... surprisingly UP again got the 2nd place... in the preview i didn't find it nice though.

then the final blow was announcing.. UST Salinggawi got again the 1st! four times in a row now!! all in the lobby was cheering and hooting--not minding the other classes we might disturbed on the next floors. we don't even mind the security guard and some 'hindrance' to our joy! haha! those pessimistics! lol..

anyway, i need to ready now for that ... uh... seminar.

keeping still...

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