i just can't...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

it's just that... i hate feeling this way. you are loved and yet it has been denied to you. you feel joy but then whenever you want it to share it to someone, there's always a situation that you go in separate ways... yesterday i woke up crying again, i don't know why. i couldn't find exact words to describe about, nor even the right feeling must took place. depression has been in me for a week now, and then again, i couldn't find the reason why. i just can't tell.

i have gone alone, and there i have felt again the tranquil moment yet plain, rusty sadness, staining my whole system. you know what? i never asked to choose what kind of person am i suppose to love... neither how it should be. in this world full of denials, how can one person say what he feels if the feeling of rejection hinders him? can it be possible for me to know what things in store for me?

i can't find my answers above... in the ceiling, nor in our noisy little brat.

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