Sunday, July 17, 2005

^* i am feeling: sleepy and... guess what... *^
^* currently listening to: So Many Questions ~Side A *^

"...but the answers are so few..."

ang daming tanong... but sometimes, you are fed up finding for the answers and just stick to the fact that you actually don't know why. funny, but mostly ganun ang set-up... we tend to see always what is bad in us. that's why we can't help but to think pessimistic things...

naiisip ko tuloy, na ang buhay, napakaiksi lang. iba-ba ang bawat pakiramdam ng tao. minsan parang gusto mo nalang kunin yung paghihirap na nararamdaman ng iba kasi ayaw mo silang nakikitang ganun. lalo na kung mahal mo.

"all i really know is... i love you."

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