Saturday, June 18, 2005

i am feeling: quite pissed again, not sleepy...
currently listening to: Kung Wala Ka ~Hale

"oh... hindi ko maisip
kung wala ka...
sa buhay ko..."


i can't help but to sleep the moment my body landed into the sofa... maybe that answers it.

nah... and as of this very moment my lovable brother tries to intrude my minute of silence!! i must say he's been in front of our pc for about an hour or two... yet he's still even has the guts to steal my chance being seated here! i felt again that sudden annoyance just seeing him luring me to give my place. he sucks...

hmm... badtrip na naman kanina... kainis--do we really have that DESIGN 3 professor assigned to teach us?!?! he/she's been striking us twice now! he/she hasn't still showed up, nor his/her sleeve was traceless... the least thing i could think of is that i hope he/she's not like the same prof we had last semester... geez, i felt tired and hopeless just by the fact i was only thinking of sir arlegui... inis...

AR 2-4 had an election of the new SY class officers... i was happy JC got the position of being our class president, though honestly i voted for Jotong. No, don't get me wrong; if you'll only knew... (*smiles* & *giggles*) that JC was nominated to all ranks of the officers mentioned! for me, it's not that we make fond of her nor tripping her so much, but i could say; that was way falttering on her part. see? she could do all those stuff--she can be a president or a vice; even our scribe and money keeper... everything's good when she handles things. astig, hands high ako talaga sa kanya... it's just that i wanted her to be the class secretary, eh since she's been a good one ever since 1st sem of last year... she would remind us of our skeds and new tasks to do--in or out the net. teehee! well? she's stepping into another level into the world of politics!! but hey, ming wasn't bad to be our new secreatary! congrats, ming! ^__^

the rest are as follows:
anton mercado- vice pres.

ming javier- secretary ( i already said it ^_^)
tintin solano- treasurer
rex "papa rex" bulao - P.R.O.!! (hahahaha! naks! ampogee!)
adrian tan - sgt @ arms! (wakoko, ang lakas ng trip! kelangan pa daw talaga nito...)

guys, hope you'll serve us until to the very last drop of blood you could offer! hahaha! *lolz*

into the other side of life...

because our design prof didn't meet us (still), i don't know what made the four of us (no, actually we're five--kring and her bf jojo on the phone, beng, and siegfrid) share our thoughts of the day. tambay kami sa tapat ng building. of course we can't resist ourselves from teasing each other---being paired up to someone else in the class. nakarami si kring sakin kanina... nagmukha akong jukebox! yep, i was singing for her and her bf... gawin daw ba kong background music! and take note--old songs! (ayus ka a..) then after that--i, beng, and sg tripped kring as we sang the "beam" TV ad, altering it to "k-r-i-n-g"! then being partnered up to adrian tan. (ikeee!!!) hahaha, of course hindi na nya kausap si jojo nun. eh di sinakal kami ni kring... lolz!

AAAAAARRRGGHH!!!! where the hell our design professor is hibernating at?! taena nakakaurat na sya!!!

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